About PSG-Kapital

PSG-Kapital Investment company is the legal successor of PSG-Broker company established in 2012 and is also part of PSG Group companies. In 2016, PSG-Kapital increased its capital to 1 000 000 AZN and strengthened its legal position. Our aims are investments in both local and international financial markets on behalf of our clients and our company, brokerage, underwriting, portfolio managements and investment consulting services presented at the highest levels. In 2014, PSG-Broker took the role of the underwriter for the issuance of bonds of one of SOCAR's company known as "Southern Gas Corridor" CJSC with a value of 101.12 million dollar. The proccess was carried out in the Baku Stock Exchange. The participation of PSG-Kapital in this type of important projects is an indicator of its role in the financial markets of Azerbaijan.

PSG-Kapital makes use of and develops the professional staff as well as the deep financial capacity and the positive working environment of the PSG Group companies.

Practical Solution Group LLC is a legal and business consulting services group and offers advices and solutions to its clients in topics such as finance, law, management, investment and etc. Business development, project management, optimization of finance and tax and real estate are the main pillars of its function.  Expanding its operations in Insurance and Banking sector is also one of the goals of the group.  With its head office located in Baku, PSG also operates in the USA, UAE and Turkey.

In 2016, PSG-Kapital acted as the underwriter for the issuance of 100 million dollar SOCAR bonds, and at the current period, is the market maker for those bonds in the Baku Stock Exchange.

PSG-Kapital cooperates with the leading banking and insurance institutions in Azerbaijan. At the same time we are also expanding our existing partnership with the financial institutions of both developed and developing countries.

PSG-Kapital is a member of the Baku Stock Exchange and functions with the 01 numbered license issued by the Financial Markets Supervision Authority.


To be the preferred investment company in Azerbaijan, committed to providing world-class investment practices with excellent customer-oriented services directed with professionalism, commitment and integrity.


  • Our main principle is to achieve service excellence by being process driven, putting special attention to risks and putting emphasis on research and technology;
  • We value each customer’s needs because their success is our success.


  • Providing transparency among our customers, ensuring their credibility and commitment to the company;
  • We are continuouslycarrying research and investing in new technologies to keep long term collaboration with our customers.


  • To consistently strive towards the highest standards and level of commitment in achieving customer satisfaction and excellent service;
  • To ensure long-lasting partnerships with clients;
  • To attract, retain and develop the best professionals within a passionate investment culture and with whom we share a dedication to our values.