Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services

In addition to providing services for operations for all the securities quoted in Baku Stock Exchange, PSG-Kapital provides opportunity to close deals outside the stock exchange.

By using the trading platform of PSG-Kapital, You benefit from the ability to invest in financial markets of both developing and developed countries.


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PSG-Kapital Brokerage Services offer the following:

Buying-selling of stocks

Buying-selling of government bonds

Repo/Reverse-repo operations

Secondary market operations for all kind of securities

Consulting services for investment opportunities

Buying-selling in foreign markets

300+Number of clients
5000+Number of transactions
  Corporate Bonds Government Bonds Secondary market (stocks) Notes
Volume 260,509,445.00 USD 1,478,996.00 AZN 573,415,564.00 AZN 43,885,426.00 AZN