Capital Protected Funds

Capital Protected Funds

Guarantee for the customer to receive the invested amount back in the worst scenario. The main aim here is to protect the amount the investor has invested while also making it possible for him/her to participate in the market. Investor makes profit in case the expections are realized, otherwise no loss is made.


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Advantages of Capital Protected Funds

An asset (gold, oil, silver, a highly liquid stock traded in the US stock markets and etc.) for the investment is chosen by the customer or is advised by PSG-Kapital

At the end of period, independent of the market conditions, minimum the invested amount (if 100% was agreed) is returned to the customer

Capital protected products protect the investor's capital from possible losses

Investor can maintain capital at any rate (100%, 90%, etc.)

40-100% of profit from the chosen asset is provided to the customer as an additional payment

Based on the agreement in advance, investors 80%-90%-100% of the invested amount is protected

Lower volumes protected of capital give possibility for higher profit

Investment is made in the chosen asset

Complex strategies are used

We can provide capital protection with any asset (stock, bond, commodity)

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