CEO's Message

Satisfaction and the interests of our customers are our most important mission.

Nevertheless, during the period of our operation, we have worked and will continue to work on the development of Azerbaijan's financial markets, transparency, integration into international markets and innovation of new products. We prioritise significance of human resources in order to be innovative and to create value using advanced technologies, as well as to apply international finance practices that have been shaping for decades.

PSG-Kapital provides both Intermediary and Portfolio Management services both to individuals and businesses in local and international financial markets. In addition to the high quality of our services, we pay special attention to our low tariffs. At the same time, we also provide access to more than 120 financial markets through the most modern trading platforms. Considering the above, I welcome You to carry operations and evaluate your wealth with the assistance of our company. I am sure of your satisfaction from our results.

Taking this opportunity, I express my deep gratitude to the hundreds of customers who have trusted us.


Shahin Rejebov