Special PSG Portfolios

PSG-Kapital portfolios prepared by our professional portfolio managers can be adapted to any market conditions and risk parameters. These portfolios allow You to invest in stocks, corporate and government bonds, commodities, index funds and alternative indices (biotechnology, financial instruments, medical, tourism and etc.) and currency markets. Special PSG Portfolios fully meet the customers' profitability and risk requirements. These portfolios have the following procedures.


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Advantages of Special PSG Portfolios

The portfolio is built on innovative internal strategies

Conventional and complex strategies are used

Various markets and investments instruments are constantly analyzed and inefficiencies are detected

In order to benefit from inefficiencies appropriate algorithms are prepared

Algorithms are transferred to the language of the computer software we use

The algorithms are tested on the same market and previous database of instruments

The database is back tested and results go through walk forward test process for the second time

Finally, strategies are formulated and launched in real-time mode

An optimization is carried out after a period of real time testing and results analysis

Taking into account risk parameters of the client, investment is made by choosing the most suitable strategy

Investment markets: Commodity, Index Funds, alternative indices (biotechnology, financial instruments, medical, tourism and etc.), Currency markets, Stock markets, Government and corporate bonds

Investment instruments: Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Options, ETF (Exchange Funds)